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Posted on 29th January, 2015

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I was very interested to find your website. My father was Tudur Owen Phillips - said to be in the picture of the Philips family in Cwmorthin. I remember being taken to the house where on the right at the end of the lake when you walked up from Tanygrisiau when I was around seven years of age. I understood that my father lived there as his father, JohnPhillips was the foreman/manager at Oakley. I have never been able to establish the dates for this period of his life. When my father there were two rows of trees edging the path to the front door which he told me were small trees - by the time I got there they were full grown. The other high point of the visit was seeing a family two holer for the first time! My grandfather is recorded as having been born in Plas Cwmorthing, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Reading your website made me wonder whether his father had therefore been a quarry foreman although there is no Phillips mentioned.
Hello I work for a television company and we are keen to feature Cwmorthin in our new BBC Wales series. I have been told to speak with Bill in regards to a meeting as I am keen to visit the site and speak with someone who can talk to me about the history and story of Cwmorthin. My details are -, 02920471971
Very interesting read, Tbank you, I own the Grandfather clock, the clock was left to me by Harry Jones in his will (My Taid).
A truly fascinating insight into the lives of the Cwms inhabitants. Cwmorthin has to be one of Wales's hidden treasures! The work done in preserving the infrastructure will hopefully prevent nature from reclaiming the land for future generations too enjoy as much as we do now. I shall be adding a link to this site on my web page. Well done to everyone involved.
Could you please tell me if there was a tramway which carried slates either from Conglog or Rhosydd Quarries passed Capel y Gorlan and down to Tan y Grisiau?
I can only ever recall it as a footpath.
My parents family came from Blaenau Ffestiniog and I used to love the walks up to Cwmorthin and then the trudge up to Rhosydd to be rewarded with those stunning views back down the valley and then the beauty and stillness of Cwm Croesor.

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My great great grand father was.Thomas Jones Steward of the Rhosydd Quarry featured in this article. The family in the garden in front of Plas Cwmorthin are relatives of mine on my fathers side. His father was one of Thomas jones's sons and lived in bwlch y Fedwen,Penmorfa near Tremadog.. Would it be possible for me to have a copy of this photograph ? To add to my research of my family tree..Obviously be prepared to pay for this copy. I look forward to yor reply . John Pugh Jones
After a walk in Cwmorthin today and a visit to Cwmorthin Ucha, I was interested in learning more of it's history. I found your website via Google and have now spent a fascinating hour reading about it all. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Cwmorthin and it has brought the place alive. Many thanks
No digging today Sat 13/06/15

S'mae? Dwi yn trio ffeindio hen chwarel i ffilmio yn, be ydy'r bosibilrwydd i cael mynedfa i Cwmorthin i weld tu fewn y chwarel plis?

07971 080067
The old slate bridge crossing the outflow stream is now broken in half - what a shame. Nick J
I visited Cwmorthin on photography workshop. I was amazed at the isolation of this place and the hardship that the people who worked and lived the quarry had to endevour. It was awe inspiring ans so peaceful which is a total contrast to how it must of been.